Why Should You Strive To Achieve Excellence in Business?.

By Posted in - Excellence in Business on March 14th, 2019

Many businesses and business owners are put off from becoming a business of excellence because they feel that means chasing awards to fill shelves with trophies and gaining new logos to add to your website and letterheads but that’s not really what excellence in business means. Excellence in business is about making your business perform better, gain better profits, achieve business success and delivering on all goals and aims.

It has been proven that businesses that strive for excellence find some brilliant benefits. When implemented well a business of excellence will find the following benefits when they continually strive for excellence in business;

  • Your business revenue will double in around 3-5 years because you are continually making improvements, adding new services and ensuring your existing and new customers are 100% satisfied with the service you offer.
  • You will notice an overall productivity gain of those working for you of 25% – 35% over 5 years because employees will feel like part of your team, understand the goals and visions the business is working towards and overall, they will enjoy working for you.
  • There will cumulative savings of at least 30% over 5 years, based on your current total operating costs. This is because staff will be happy so you won’t need to worry about replacing and retraining staff, customers are happy so less work and money is needed to keep them happy and they will tell friends about you so you can gain new clients via word of mouth and recommendation, without great deals of money being spent.

We think these are three very good reasons that your business should strive for business excellence; however there are other very good reasons such as improving the business, customer satisfaction, profit and such like. By striving for to achieve excellence in business you are continuously looking at where your business is at and how you can achieve more – which is a brilliant practice for all businesses.

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