“Why Using a Business Coach Is a No Brainer When It Comes To Growing Your Business”.

By Posted in - Business Coaching on March 15th, 2019

You’ve got the logo and the website, the slogan, the highlighter and a ton of paperclips. Maybe you have your first customer or the second or even the third. Most importantly, you have the skull busting, spirit rushing kernel of an idea, an idea that’s going make your fortune. You have the fight and the desire; you are going to put everything into making your venture work. Well done. Sadly, many or most SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) have energy and innovation in abundance, they may even have a fair bit of money behind them as well; in the form of helpful and heartfelt investors (friends and family) or from all those hard earned pennies you have saved hard for to make your business work. The most important element they are usually lacking though, that which is the most critical requirement for success, is experience.

You can be the smartest person in the room, have the most fantastic idea and expertise in your field, but what does that matter if you have never run a business, never managed people, never established supply chains or marketed a product. Working for yourself is exciting and fulfilling, the ultimate dream – you control your own destiny. But very quickly, if you are not already aware, you realise you must master so many ancillary skills to make your idea work. This is a business critical necessity, yet most overlook it, and no wonder new businesses find it so difficult to succeed.

Why spend all that time and effort accruing that critical experience when you can get it from a source which has the experience and is focused on the growth of your business, a business coach.

Or maybe you have been in business for a few years, maybe decades… bobbing along, living hand to mouth for the next customer, wondering where that rent for the shop or office is coming from or whether you will be able to go on holiday this year. You know what you are doing but it’s just not working!

So what is the answer? *hint* It doesn’t lie at the bottom of that tub of ice cream or bottle of wine

The most common thing I hear after consultation with both new businesses and those who have been through many ups and downs is how much they realised the value of strategic planning. When you are up at 6.00am each day, down in the trenches till 8.00 or 9.00pm or whenever is necessary, only to spend the time you are supposed to be sleeping deep in thought about what is going right and wrong, you forget to look at the big picture. How often do you take a step back and think, where are we going and are we doing everything we can to get there as quickly as possible?

The advantage of using a business coach is that you have someone capable of looking in from the outside, someone who is not afraid to tell you some harsh truths and someone who is capable of accepting some harsh words in response, which is inevitable when you are putting everything on the line. These are not attributes which come so readily from friends and family, however well-meaning they intend to be.

Strategic planning is a key aspect in the successful growth of your business, yet so easy to forget. Using a business coach allows you to take some regular time out and step back from the coal face to assess whether you are growing in the way you want, whether your strategic planning is on course or on the back of a packet of fags. Using a business coach allows you a regular port of call amongst all those stormy seas, somewhere you can plan strategically about your growth, and assess how well you are doing against the previous plan. You can discard ideas which aren’t working and you can try new, proven ideas under the guidance of someone who has been there and done that without the need for you spend more time and money getting there.

Need some business guidance?

We work closely with our clients to help them review the bigger picture for their businesses and trouble shoot how to do things differently or look for gaps where something may be missing. By doing this we help to keep their businesses healthy, moving forward and staying profitable. If you’d like a conversation about how we can work with you – please do drop me an email.

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