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Using a Business Coach to Redefine Your Goals and Grow Your Business

Every business owner knows how difficult it is to wear different hats to run their business. Like plate spinning, you take your eyes off a plate and they all come crashing down. That’s true when it comes to clarifying goals to grow your business. Of course there are so many benefits to having goals in place, especially if you are planning to grow your business. One of the reasons why businesses tend to fail is due to lack of direction and purpose. I recently had a meeting with a client who wanted me to work with her because she was at a place in her business where she lost focus and direction and felt stuck to move the business forward. We began to brainstorm ideas and then prioritise the list in order of urgency and time scales. The benefits of redefining the goals meant that my client did not have to keep putting out fires and was now able to concentrate on the sector of her business that was not profitable.

Having goals in place will give you and your team the motivation to hit the desired outcome within the desired timeframe. One way of setting goals within a business is to improve profitability, and it takes sales to be profitable, having a particular number and time in place will give you and your team a challenge. Challenges are what make the brain switch to problem-solving mode; the human brain is amazing when it’s challenged.

The Plan                                                                                                      

Having measurable, timely and achievable goals is what makes companies hit their targets effectively. Being specific about your goals will give you and your team concentrated effort towards short and long-term requirements of your business. This can give you a clear idea in what needs to be done when allocating funds and the confidence to hit specific goals when developing your marketing strategies. With this in mind, you will be able to reach your goals in a managed and cost-effective way with fewer difficulties.


When you have a goal plan in place, you will have more time, like my client to concentrate on other aspects of your business, like management and decision-making. Having a blueprint to follow, you can make tweaks to improve and redefine the goals you’ve highlighted. With this strategy of management and decision-making, it will enable you to be a more effective leader.

How Can a Business Coach Help

If setting effective goals and objectives isn’t your strongest suits, this is where a business coach can definitely help you redefine your current goals and achieve the desired outcome you are after. A business coach is an expert at setting direction in an individual life or career, helping individuals improve their decision-making techniques, setting preferable strategies to avoid unanticipated difficulties and expenses, training managers to be effective leaders and aspiring role models.

A business coach will help you reach your objectives through these three stages:

  • How to stop and raise awareness
  • Taking conscious decisions
  • Putting decisions into action

A business coach can help you to brainstorm and naturally come up with ideas and ways to reach your desired outcomes, during the brainstorming session the business coach will ask you questions about your intentions, personal values, the attempted unconscious procedures that delays you from reaching your goals, and the behaviors and beliefs that diminishes your chances of reaching where you want to go.

With this new understanding and awareness of your goals and objectives, the business coach will go into details about different strategies to reaching your desired outcome. This gives you a clearer picture to choosing the most suitable route to initiate action.

A successful business comes with changes, challenges, and problems, managers need to be flexible and be able to problem solve at any circumstances. Adjusted objectives and goals with fast conscious decision making will put you in a good position to oversee market changes and reevaluate your plans as required. With this type of approach to your business, you will be ahead of your competitors that only rely upon a repeated assessment of their current state and future direction.

If you would like to redefine your business objectives and goals for your business, why not test the waters with a free 30 minute consultation, give Ascend Business Services a call on 020 3633 3708.


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